Jelly Roll Race #1

Status: Complete
Made For: Clair
Size: 62 x 79
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I Won!

At the BAQG retreat on March 8-11, 2012 we had a Jelly Roll Race and I won. I used fabric from the Oh My! collection from Moda Fabrics. The race was fun and I learned a few tips.

To Prepare

I stitched the seams diagonally instead of straight. I think the look of both looked good when finished.

I matched the two ends and began rolling the fabric over a large cutting ruler. As I rolled I sort of matched the edges but didn't try to make it perfect. When I was finished, the fold was at the top. I pinned the fold to the roll so it wouldn't unroll then I slid the fabric off the ruler.

For the start of the race we were allowed to put the fabric under the presser foot with the needle down. I took the roll and began unrolling it onto the floor in front of my chair. This put the fold at the bottom of all the fabric so as I stitched, the fabric came from off the top.

Some people had the folded roll wound around a cardboard or ruler and attempted to unroll it as they stitched. This turned out to be terrible because as it was unrolled, it would twist and it made a large tangled mess!


When stitching, I had to make sure the seam allowance was accurate and make sure the edges were lined up. To do this I was using the 1/4" foot on my Janome for the seam allowance. I held the bottom strip in my right hand and the top strip in my left and I moved back away from the machine as far as I could. I was able to adjust the strips to align the edges as well as make sure the seam allowance was accurate.

The first round took the longest to stitch and was fairly easy. When I reached the folded end it was twisted so I slipped my scissors into the loop and snipped it. This makes a ragged edge but putting the scissors right against the edge makes the ragged edge smaller than if you just lopped off the twisted end.

When you prepare to stitch the second round make sure you stitch the correct edges together. Someone in our group stitched the left side to the right side and had to rip it all out.

The second round was the hardest because as you stitch, you must open up each layer of fabric and it wants to stay folded! I think it was somewhere in the second round I had to change the bobbin. My bobbin wasn't full when I started and I only had to change the bobbin once.

The third, fourth and fifth rounds are so easy and go quickly.

This part of the quilt finished at 48" x 65". I will add a 2" and a 5" border soon.

Check out the YouTube video of a Jelly Roll Race.


Attaching Borders

Today I started adding the borders. I was able to add the 2" finished yellow border and the 5" finished green border.


Yesterday I quilted this quilt with the Curly Flower pattern by Linda V. Taylor.

I used Signature variegated thread Sun Lime Splash in the top and Pear Green in the bobbin.

Here is a close-up of the two borders and the quilting.

This picture shows the completed binding (I used the same fabric as the outer border) and the backing. The backing is Lots of Dots by Karen Stephens from Andover Fabrics. I attached the label and it is complete.

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