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Two Perfect Ten Quilts

Status: Complete
Made For: Amelia
Pattern Name:

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Making The Quilt

I actually purchased two of these kits. One is for my niece, Amelia and the other is for another niece, Kristi. They are from different sides of the family so neither will know they have the same quilt as the other. They fit both girl's personalities, bright and cheerful!

This was with fabrics from Michael Miller's Gypsy Bandana collection. Here is a picture of some of the interior, border and binding.

The quilting pattern is a little daisy and leaves.


Two Quilts Finished

I bought two kits to make two quilts. The first one was for my niece, Amelia and the second was for another niece, Kristy, for her wedding. The quilts are so colorful and beautiful and they fit the personalities of each niece perfectly!
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